Thought Bubble 2014

I’ll be at Thought Bubble on the 15-16th of November, in the TB TeePee; look for Square Eyed Stories on table 86 (that doughnut looking guy knows the score).

Assuming there are no alien invasions, meteor strikes or demonic apocalypses, I should have copies of Experience the Magic of the Legend! Volume 2 for sale. The first 31 people to buy EtMotL! #1 & #2 together can get one of my Inktober Monster Girl ACEOs bundled in. If you already have #1, bring proof of ownership and you can still qualify for this offer.

There are a couple of anthologies I contributed to which will be on sale this weekend. If you visit our neighbours Space Babe 113 on table 87, you can pick up a copy of The Newspaper Strip Collection of Oscar Charles Drayton. You can also find To End All Wars at Soaring Penguin, on table 120 in New Dock Hall.

Bring your jukebox money, and spend it on comics.