Sara and Abby reading comics
I’m Arthur Goodman, a cartoonist and comic creator based in Liverpool, UK. I’ve been making and self-publishing comics since the turn of the century, starting with the group humour anthology Square Eyed Stories, and including various solo projects, the most recent being Experience the Magic of the Legend!. I’ve also contributed to various comic anthologies over the years, including the Eisner Award nominated To End All Wars. A full list of publications and reviews can be seen in the Bibliography.
I can be found at various UK comic conventions throughout the year.


Cara: @favouritecrayon
deviantArt: FavouriteCrayon – Illustrations, sketch cards, etc
Facebook: Favourite Crayon Comics
Instagram: @FavouriteCrayon
Mastodon: @FavouriteCrayon@mastodon.Art
Tumblr: FavouriteCrayon – Daily sketches and misc. illustrations
Twitter: @FavouriteCrayon

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More comics: Square Eyed Stories – group humour anthology.